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 23 albums 425 tracksWelcome to the digital content site for Daniel Johnston's music catalogue 23 albums / 425 tracks - many that are not available elsewhere.

If you purchased the 12" LPs for "Hi How Are You" or "Yip Jump Music", you can redeem the DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD here. 

Add that album to the SHOPPING CART and enter the CODE from the back of the card and press the "GO" button.  You can then check out and download the tracks.

This month's FREE tracks includes track 3 of Hi How Are You "Dead Dog Laughing In The Cloud" and many others!

ALL VIDEOS FREE!  We will add VIDEOS as they become available - so check back regularly!

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First Time Buyers Start Here:

All digital purchases are received IMMEDIATELY (you can download the files right after check-out) - no waiting or shipping charges!!

Daniel's albums are grouped in "sub-categories" for the decades in which the albums were released: the 80's, the 90's and the 00's. Although a few of the recent releases include older tracks (Discovered Covered, White Magic, and Welcome To My World), albums with Daniel's recent works include "Fear Yourself" and "Lost and Found".

 First time buyers of Daniel's MUSIC might consider the popular compilation "Welcome To My World." These are digitally remastered songs from the movie "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" and other albums, compiled to introduce you to Daniel's story via his music. Choosing OTHER MUSIC from Daniel's collection


Looking for SHIRTS, CDs, DVDs, and ART?  You can still purchase Hi How Are You t-shirts, many of the CDs, PRINTS and original ART at Daniel's Hi How Are You web store or Rejected web store.

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